Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring has finally arrived! Cherry Blossoms Wedding Cake

I know spring has arrived when I see the beautiful cherry blossoms outside the bay window in my kitchen;
I can’t wait for the first blooms to arrive every year to tell me that the too-long New England winter is finally over.

So last year when wedding icon Maria McBride (BRIDES wedding style director) commissioned me to create a Spring wedding cake with a bird-inspired theme for their 2010 Jan. issue, I immediately thought of a lovely birds nest sitting atop the branch of a cherry tree.

BRIDES Jan. 2010 issue

Photography by Alison Rosa - Courtesy of


Anonymous said...


Good luck on the Today show. WOW. Your cakes are awesome!

Mary Potter

Kaitlyn (Robert & Kathleen Photographers) said...

I love how whimsical and beautiful this cake is! Great job!!

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