Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Art-Themed NY Bat Mitzvah Cake

We had so much fun designing Jacoby Sayre's Bat Mitzvah cake! Her playful artist-themed reception inspired us to create a five-tiered vanilla cake with chocolate fondant, which we "splatter-painted" with multi-colored icing, a la Jackson Pollock. The top tier boasted a gum-paste painter's palate with brushes and fondant paint colors, which spilled down the cake tiers. The base of the cake was decorated with Jacoby's name, and pink and orange flowers, all in the same style and font as the invitation and celebration details. 

We tailored our original design to include colorful glittered cupcakes along the base of the cake to hold the candles for the traditional candle lighting ceremony. 

We had so much fun creating the splatter-painted look of Jacoby's cake, it was a great way to add color and playfulness to the cake. The splatter-paint look was used throughout the event design, on the table and couch linens, and even on the dance floor. Ana always designs a cake thinking that it's going to be the centerpiece of the event, and this cake fit in perfectly.

The bright colors decorating the outside of Jacoby's cake didn't stop on the outside! We created six layers of multicolored vanilla cake with vanilla filling. It was a fun change to use a lot of color throughout each element of the cake. 

We loved the whimsical event design, including the decorated ladders and mannequins, the splatter paint decals on the floor, and the table centerpieces made up of fresh flowers, painter's palates, easels, and bottles of paint. There was not one part of the ballroom that was not filled with bright paint splatters, art, and fun!

We drew inspiration from the flowers on the invitation and menu, and the bright primary colors of the art theme. The menus, invitation, and party favors of Reed Cohen Papers and Events offered us whimsical details and the font we used for Jacoby's name on the cake base. 

Invitation by Reed Cohen (on a black backing)
Jacoby's invitation was printed on translucent plexiglass, which is becoming a modern alternative to paper invites. We recreated the flowers featured on the invitation in fondant on the base of the cake, and used the pink and orange color scheme in elements of the cake decoration. 

Chocolate painter's palate party favor, custom menu, and napkin by Reed Cohen

Photography by Hechler Photographers
Event Design, invitations and favors by Reed Cohen Papers and Events NYC
p 212.757.7702

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HIllary Talmadge said...

What an amazing party that must have been. The detail is incredible! I loved the rainbow cake layers, Ana!!

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