Monday, January 20, 2014

Indian Wedding Cake, Hyatt Regency Greenwich, Greenwich, CT, Red and Gold Wedding Cake

I always enjoy the challenge of designing and creating a wedding cake for an Indian wedding; I find plenty of inspiration in the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of the wedding sari and decor.

This cake had the added challenge of being on very short notice.  This didn't present a problem, as the bride brought me very inspiring elements.

When I saw the invitation, I knew that I would have to incorporate it into the design.  In the end, I decided to make a gumpaste plaque of the whole clasp, with the couple's piped initials, as a focal point of the cake.  After the piped initials had dried, I carefully painted with gold dust.

           The ornate wedding invitation                                         The stunning wedding sari

The wedding sari provided the inspiration for color and patterns.

my iphone Image showing true colors

Because of limited time, this is one of the few custom wedding cakes I've made without providing a sketch.

The wedding cake topper consists of 6 identical gumpaste pieces shaped in a paisley pattern, dried, painted in gold, and then arranged radially.

The wedding cake tiers are covered in fuchsia and red fondant.  The borders at the bottom of each wedding cake tier are ornately textured pressed fondant pieces, carefully formed to the contours of the tier and painted gold.

The 3 tiers other than the one featuring the monogram plaque were piped with various patterns inspired by the invitation and wedding sari.

The cake itself was of two flavor combinations: White Tahitian vanilla cake with 2 layers of strawberry mousseline and 1 layer of French vanilla mousseline, and Dark chocolate cake with 2 layers of chocolate mousseline and 1 layer of bittersweet ganache over raspberry preserves.

Thanks to Ira Lippke Studios for the wonderful images, and to the Hyatt Regency Greenwich for their assistance and for a providing a beautiful setting for my cake.

To learn more about the design process for a custom wedding 

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