Friday, April 26, 2013

Ana Parzych Cakes on The Katie Couric Show ~ Manhattan Wedding Cakes

We were invited to create two wedding cakes for a special episode of the Katie Couric Show, which aired on Valentine's Day! Katie co-hosted her "Katie's Wedding Day" episode with Donald Driver of the Greenbay Packers. In addition to serving as Katie's co-host, Donald played the role of Katie's "groom".
Left to right:  Donald Driver, Katie Couric, and Anja Winika
We were asked to design a "splurge" and a "steal" wedding cake. The cherry blossom cake represented a more extravagant "splurge" and the simple design was a "steal" for a bride on a budget. The two different cakes demonstrate how a bride can tailor her cake design to her budget, and no matter what she chooses,she can have a beautiful wedding cake on her special day!

Left to right:  "Splurge" and "Steal"
Wedding expert Anja Winikka of The Knot presented each cake and explained the differences in price and how to choose elements that best support your wedding theme and budget. The entire studio audience was soon-to-be brides, complete with veils! The show was entertaining and provided valuable tips for the brides in attendance.

Cherry blossom sugar flowers
We were pleasantly surprised to see that Katie tasted our wedding cake sample on screen! We love when our cakes are taste tested, because we pride ourselves on the delicious taste of our cakes and filling underneath the exquisite outer design.

Remember, no matter your budget, you can have a great experience designing a wedding cake that reflects your taste and fits with the theme of your wedding!

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